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So where do you get support for SBS 2011 right now this very moment?

So where do you get support for SBS 2011 right now this very moment?

The partner forum at still isn’t officially supporting it.

Since the SBS 2011 has officially released, and I understand lots of customers want to acquire the technical support of next generation of Small Business Server. However, currently our team has fewer resources of this release, and the product PM has not published the training timetable of SBS2011, so that all staffs cannot provide any support of SBS2011 in the forum. But our team is working on it, and will deliver the support strategy and boundary ASAP (one month or less). We will prompt this planning, and provide the best technical support for SBS2011 in order to help end-users to obtain the best experience of this release.

Interestingly enough phone support is at this time.

However keep in mind that out on the public SBS forum we’re open 24/7 for you to learn/ask/test/deploy/install/do as needed.  Also if you need a team that ‘has your backside’ on SBS 2011 now, check out the folks at who are there to support you as well as doing a series of webcasts on SBS 2011.

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  • #   imran on 04.20.11 at 5:10 am     

    i have sbs 2011 installed, and in sbs exchange only 3 users are not able to recive their emails from the hosting email providers, others are getting fine, please help