Step 34 – deciding if you care about SharePoint

Move the internal website for Windows SBS 2011 Standard migration– you know Companyweb.

This is where I deviate big time from the documentation.

This is…okay how much do you care abou that SharePoint time.

If you care about SharePoint, the metadata, it’s larger than 10 gigs, people will kill you if it breaks… hire Robert Crane to help you decide what to do.–-part-1.aspx–-part-2.aspx–-part-3.aspx–-part-4.aspx

If you haven’t launched SharePoint since the day you built the server, for all you know it was broken by patches years ago and no one complained, skip this step.

But on SBS 2011 you might want to start looking at SharePoint as the 2010 version is pretty cool.

I opted to just park out the data and recreate/redesign the SharePoint.

We just jumped from page 46 to 61.

One Thought on “Step 34 – deciding if you care about SharePoint

  1. Susan,

    Thanks for the plug (where do I sent the cheque?).

    I’ll be finishing this series on my blog over the next few weeks so people should stay tuned for the full story.

    Robert Crane

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