Step 35 – moving the fax data

Move fax data for Windows SBS 2011 Standard migration

The next step is moving the fax data to the new server.  In the case where you might be moving to a hyperV environment you can’t support a virtual fax line.

So what can you do?  There’s a couple of options here.  First off you can look to see if the office has a multi function scanner/copier fax machine and you can utilize that as a faxing platform.  Or you can look to online faxing solutions.  

Is fax as important as it was in the SBS 2003 era?  Not as much.  But for those firms that NEED support it’s still important.

One Thought on “Step 35 – moving the fax data

  1. We moved much of our processes to email over fax but we do still fax from time to time. After moving to SBS 2011, I intend to repurpose the old SBS for this kind of non-mission critical stuff…

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