Now comes the step where the groups that have been migrated from the SBS 2003 show up in the console.

To manage these groups, you must assign the Created value to the msSBSCreationState attribute for each group—either automatically by using the Windows SBS 2011 Standard Active Directory Group Converter tool, or manually through the Active Directory Security Interface (ADSI).

To automatically assign attribute values to a migrated group

·      Under c:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\bin, double-click GroupConverter.exe to launch the Active Directory Group Converter, which helps you convert groups in the MyBusiness organizational unit to groups that are compatible with Windows SBS 2011 Standard.

You can convert groups that were created by using either the Windows SBS 2003 Administration Console or the Active Directory Users and Groups Console. To convert the groups, the wizard adds some necessary Active Directory attributes to them.

When the server is set to default — hide file extensions it looks like this. If you click on what looks like GroupConverter.exe Visual studio launches and you realize what you think is an exe is actually  a config file.

Go into folder options and click on hide file types so they are shown.

Now you can see the right one to click on.

The wizard (the right one) will launch

Click the groups you want to migrate

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