Step 38 – moving users

Before you migrate user accounts, you can create custom roles by using the Add a New User Role Wizard. You can then use the new user role when you migrate the user accounts to the Destination Server.

To migrate user accounts

1.   In the Migration Wizard, on the Migration Wizard Home page, click Migrate users and groups, and then click Next.

2.   On the Migrate groups page, click Next.

3.   On the Migrate user accounts page, click Run the Change User Role Wizard.

4.   On the Select new user role page, select the type of user role that you want the user account to have in nextref_sbs, and then choose which of the following ways you want to apply the permissions and settings:  ( I think the word nexref_sbs is a placeholder for SBS 2011 that got left behind)

·      You can replace any permissions or settings that are granted to the user account.

·      You can add the Windows SBS 2011 Standard permissions and settings where applicable.

5.   Click Next.

6.   On the Select user accounts page, choose the user accounts to apply the role type to, and then click Next.


To view the user accounts that were migrated from the Source Server, in the Users list view, click the Display all the user accounts in the Active Directory check box.

7.   When the wizard finishes, click Finish. The user account role type is changed to the role type that you selected.

8.   Repeat steps 3 through 6 until you apply permissions and settings to all user accounts that were migrated.

9.   When you finish applying permissions and settings to all user accounts, click Task complete, and then click Next.

This may take a smidge.. and on to the next step

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