How to Migrate Companyweb to a SQL 2008 R2 Standard Instance on SBS 2011

How to Migrate Companyweb to a SQL 2008 R2 Standard Instance on SBS 2011: Part 1 – The Official SBS Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

When you move your Companyweb off the DC and onto the secondary server it also opens it up to support Office Web Apps.  Remember you can’t run Office Web Apps on a domain controller (and SBS is a DC) so we’re kinda stuck on support of Office Web Apps on the SBS 2011 standard.  BUT, you can put it on a SharePoint that’s on the second server.

That’s part one, grab the popcorn and wait for the next parts.

Real People. Real Frustrated.

While the normal IT pro shouldn’t need to hang out over on the Microsoft answers forum, you may be surprised how the ecosystem of the Microsoft answers forum has actually helped you on the ITpro side.  In particular the ‘dead bodies’ of the Windows update forum primarily came from the “VistaWU” forum over on the old Answers 1.0 platform.  While the forum was called VistaWU, it really was all of the Windows update issues.  Many a time an issue that impacted patching in the IT pro community was also seen in this VistaWU forum.  And in fact typically earlier than the ITpro side as the consumer patching community tends to update as soon as updates come out (which is why they are installing Windows 7 sp1 as soon as it hit the Windows update window).

So this weekend the Microsoft Answers forum flipped over to the 2.0 version.

And so far the motto of the site should be “Real People.  Real Frustrated.”  Granted anytime someone makes a major change there is a ‘who moved my cheese” moment.  Humans don’t take to change easily.  In the defense of the site, it’s had a rough debut.  The performance over the last few days has been worse than the worst performance I’ve seen in a web site…ever… and this blog site has been pretty sucky.  Time outs on the page.  Sometimes fast, sometimes horrifically slow.  It’s been a nightmare of a rollout.

But I’ll be blunt tonight and say that it’s also not done a good job ensuring that answerers have the best tools they can for tracking and answer to questions on the site.  So far I’ve found that instead of clicking on a thread that if you open the thread in a new window means you can more easily go back to the forum view you want to have.

Keep in mind there’s no “Product forum” per se, it’s all based on filtered views.  If you wanted to get a view of Windows update posts with zero replies, you need to build that view and either bookmark it or click on the RSS feed icon and pull it into your RSS reader.  Yesterday the RSS feed wasn’t working because the performance was so bad, today at least it’s responding better.

So if the forum gods are smiling, either the bookmarked view or the RSS feed works and you can get to the filtered view you want.  If you see a subject line you might want to answer, don’t forget to open the question in a new tab.  If you do not, you’ll either need to go back-back-back to the view you want, or start over again on the bookmarked page.  Once you post your answer, if you want to make sure you get an alert when the original poster has come back to follow up with more info, if you are not a moderator for that particular forum, you need to click on “me too” button to subscribe you to the thread.  Mind you, I’m not sure I like this practice as I don’ t think it gives valid forum counts of issues, but so far that’s the best workaround.  Also make sure you copy your answer before you hit the submit button in case you hit the site as it’s having performance issues.

Bottom line, patience is not only a virtue but required if Microsoft Answers was a place you answered questions in.

So I’m interested…what forums or Q&A venues do you hang out in?

SBS 2011 still MIA on Action Pack

Hello Susan,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Microsoft Action Pack Subscription.

Due to system limitations we are experiencing delays posting Windows SBS 2011 Download and Key. We will soon have this issue fixed, in the mean time you can access Windows SBS 2011 and key from your TechNet subscription that came with your Action Pack for Solution Providers until it is available on the Digital Download page.

To access your TechNet Subscription go to:


2. Click on activate my subscription and sign in

3. Complete 4 required fields (First Name, Last Name, Email, and Subscriber ID/Technical ID)

Your Subscriber ID/Technical ID# is XXXX

Ugh.  Still no SBS 2011 on the action pack download.  The good news is you can at least run the Technet version for testing in the meantime, but the site that was supposed to be able to release software faster… isn’t.

Stay tuned.

New kid on the block

I just had to go edit my to redirect to the RIGHT SBSBPA for SBS 2011.  There’s a new kid on the block, one that will do standard, essentials and storage server.

If you installed the old one you have to uninstall it and install this one.

SBS2011 Ready To GO (RTG) Campaign is Live

SBS2011 Ready To GO (RTG) Campaign is Live – Welcome to the US SMB&D TS2 Team Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

Looking for customizable info?  Check out that page.

We still do not see the SBS 2011 media on the Action pack download site.

For anyone keeping score today…. we still do not see the SBS 2011 media on the Action pack download site. 

According to my calendar there’s one day left in February.  It was estimated that it would be there by the end of Februrary.  If anyone spots it up there, holler.

…now why it takes so long to get up there… and why it hasn’t been there before this… and why the key code couldn’t have been up there by now… sorry, can’t answer that.  let’s just hope it’s finally there tomorrow.

The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition

Log Name:      System
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-HAL
Date:          2/27/2011 12:37:19 AM
Event ID:      12
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      (1)
User:          N/A
Computer:      KIKIVISTA
The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition.  Please check for updated firmware for your system.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns=”“>
    <Provider Name=”Microsoft-Windows-HAL” Guid=”{63D1E632-95CC-4443-9312-AF927761D52A}” />
    <TimeCreated SystemTime=”2011-02-27T08:37:19.753989600Z” />
    <Correlation />
    <Execution ProcessID=”4″ ThreadID=”6040″ />
    <Security />
    <Data Name=”Count”>1</Data>
    <Data Name=”FirstPage”>63</Data>
    <Data Name=”LastPage”>63</Data>

ick..that’s not good… message on my Sister’s laptop.  Now looking for a firmware update.

A bit of WordPress

If you are reading this blog you are over on the Community Server side of the fence.  Don’t worry this blog isn’t going anywhere.. not soon anyway mainly because I’ve put way too many posts and way too many images up here.  But looking forward I know that long term wise for a site that is a volunteer based, no revenue stream, beholden on the kindness of Vlad from Community server wasn’t good for a community based site.  Several years ago the licensing changed, and the means of how Community Server/Telligent folks got their revenue (business, not from people not paying anything) made it clear that the community surrounding Community server was drying up.  Finding new themes was impossible.  Getting updates was expensive.  So I started looking around at other platforms.  Knowing that WordPress was the “community standard” of a ton of themes, plug ins, and features meant that it was hands down the one to go with.  However migrating to it was another problem all unto itself.

First I was trying to stay with the Windows/SQL stack rather than going down the Linux stack.  As Alun put it best, a Linux box in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they are doing is not a secure system.  Conversely choosing Windows came with it’s own issues.  Because initially I wanted to stay with SQL server and not MYSQL, I found initially a solution.  But one that it soon became obvious wasn’t a solution but a security problem. 

Let me explain.  I found a site where WordPress on SQL server had been ported over.  Hooray thought I.  The SQL that I’m familar with.  Windows I know how to secure combined with WordPress.  One problem.  It became obvious that this project appears to be one that hasn’t been funded lately or at least not getting any more current love.  The current download from the site is a WordPress 2.9 version.  Not good from a security standpoint.  And based on the posts on this old thread, I didn’t see an update in the future.  The post may say “we plan on releasing the patch for WP 3.0 + PDO support officially here shortly (hopefully this week)” but this event never occurred.  Merely plopping version 3 over the top didn’t work as obviously WordPress is built for MySQL and not SQL so the DLLs need to be adjusted.  Not something that I can do, nor something that honestly I wanted to fund myself personally. 

Certainly I was debating hiring the firm that did the custom porting to convert WordPress 3.1 to work on SQL and asking them to release it to the public or something, but the redo of the release candidate of WordPress 3.1 and the continuing releases of security patches for WordPress 3.x series made me get realistic.  I’d be funding the porting of WordPress to SQL out of my pocket every time WordPress came out with an update.  Which could be quite often.

So …what to do?  Fortunately around that time the Webmatrix platform came out (and possibly could be a reason for the delay in the WordPress on SQL project.  Using this tool it was trivial to download WordPress, get the MySQL installed and set up another blog site.  To set up a multi user site was a matter of putting a line in the wp-config.php: define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);
 as documented from here:  Once you put that in the wizard opens up to enter in how you are going to do a multi user site, and then gives you the web.config file you need for the site.

Now what about migrating the content?  This is where I should have never figured out how to add images to my blog and never have blogged so much.  Inside Community server we inserted the BlogML export tool. The hardest part is once it’s installed is finding where in the blog it’s stuck it.  It’s in the configuration section.  Now you go there and export out the contents of the blog.

Now comes the fun part.  If you have spam comments, they will make this export barf.  If you’ve blogged a lot, it may be a large file.  You may need to edit the upload limits on the WordPress blog site AND.. (and here comes the painful part) may need to cut down your blog into pieces to get the blog content from Community Server over to WordPress.  Given also how Community server places the image files, it may end up that you get broken images. 

Now you go over to WordPress and there’s a BlogML import tool. 

Now you know why I’ve made the decision to run BOTH the community server side of the blogs ( ) as well as the WordPress side ( ) concurrently.  The web site is on a much beefier box and can handle it better than where it was.

Working with WordPress I’ve come to realize the issues with that platform as well as the challenges we ALL are going to be facing as we move to the cloud. 

Firstly data portability.  When you decide to move to a web based/cloud platform investigate the way in as well as the way out.  Data portability is a HUGE problem in our future as I see it.

Content of code.  While WordPress has vastly more plug ins and abilities, it also should give one pause that there’s a ton of web sites out there with possibly out of date software, out of date plug ins, and written by people that no one has vetted for secure software handling. 

Bottom line is moving from Community Server to WordPress doable?  Painful yes but doable.  Can you run a multi user WordPress site?  Yes.  There’s certainly features and plug ins that support this.  Does it mean that you’ll soon be seeing on a new community server site?  Probably not in the very near future and maybe not longer than that.  I blogged too much and stuck way too many images to make for a nice easy transition.  Bottom line I’m too legacy to move and will be sticking on the Community server side.


Note the massive amounts of snowfall

Note the massive amounts of snowfall in Fresno this morning…

Obviously predicting weather around here is rough….

Yes, that really does say chance of snow Fresno no less