Unofficial survey — do these annoy you?

Unofficial survey — do these annoy you?  Do you use social media tools in your KB articles?

On the top of Microsoft Knowledge base articles are buttons for Facebook and Twitter.

So have you had the overwhelming urge to LIKE a KB article on Facebook?

Had the burning desire to tweet;en-us;281923?

Or how about diggit or any of the other social media things?

Do you like that on your KB articles or would you rather there was a button to block that?

Next question… Do you like the system tip at the top where it reminds you that the KB article is not about the OS you are looking at it from.  Mind you more often than not it’s wrong (I’m on a Win7 64bit and it’s telling me to go to the XP tech center), or in the case of the network admin looking for Server 2008 r2 stuff, it offers up first hotfixes for workstations or 32bit when you need the 64bit stuff.

I can understand tweeting about Justin Bieber’s grammy losses… I mean tweeting about his hair alone …. but KB articles from inside the KB article?  Do you think that will be useful?

9 Thoughts on “Unofficial survey — do these annoy you?

  1. Social media stuff doesn’t bother me – I just ignore it and don’t usually even notice it’s there. As for the warning about the OS type, I could do without that. I can already see that by reading the article and a solution often applies to a different OS anyway, so it’s just a waste of space.

  2. Forget the KB articles. Here’s a better topic. Why is it OK for adult women to have the hots for an underage kid (Justin Bieber) but if men had the hots for an under age girl they would be in prison. And I’m not talking just about you because it’s been the same thing on SNL etc etc. Why the double standard ? Of course adult people of either sex should not really be lusting after young kids but nature is nature I guess. Youth is always better than old when it comes to making people hot.

    Ok, now do a posting on that.

  3. bradley on February 15, 2011 at 1:36 am said:

    I actually don’t have the hots for him. I do want to cut his hair however.

  4. “I do want to cut his hair however”

    Ok, that’s a fetish. A weird one though.

  5. bradley on February 15, 2011 at 2:02 am said:


  6. I don’t mind the social media things, never used them, never likely to. But they are out of the way so not an issue. I find the system tip to be irrelevant and annoying, as it takes up valudable space and is never useful (for me at least) as I am often looking for support for other than the OS I’m browsing from.

  7. PA Bear, MS MVP on February 19, 2011 at 2:37 am said:

    1. Yes, and why is there a second “social networking toolbar” at the bottom of the page, too?

    2. Yes, this annoys me, too, but it probably benefits the Great Unwashed (if they bother to read it).

  8. OH. So thats why I get those warnings from IE about facebook when I use the microsoft site… In answer to your question, I never saw those icons. (Facebook is an Internet site so I am prompted before anything comes from there. Hence I have never seen the icons.)

    Yes, I have noticed they guess my OS wrong. But then again my new SBS 2011 is complaining every 30 minutes about not being able to establish distrubuted COM link with a Linux storage box so… shrug.

  9. The OS annoys me, especially as most of the time I’ll be surfing on my Windows7 machine trying to find the solution for a Windows 2008 server issue, so of course the OS is going to be wrong.

    As to the tweet/facebook – I suppose you *could* use it as a self documenting changelog/time entry system as you work on solutions for an ailing server – by going back through your tweets, it would be possible to see what the solutions were that you tried and how long they took you. All of the history is in one place and relatively easily searchable.
    Personally, I bookmark the sites into delicious as their interface is much easier, I’m not limited to 140 characters and it’s more for my own use than anyone elses. Using the Delicious to WordPress plugin I now have a historical record within my blog and followers (who typically are interested in the same things I am working on) will get one notification a day in greader – yet another place to search for that elusive answer in the future.

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