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See on the webcast this morning was this question….

Question: Does the SBS2011 built-in backup support Exchange-aware backup? SBS2008 did not if I’m not mistaken…
Answer: Yes, both SBS 2008 and SBS 2011 do include Exchange as part of the backup process.


SBS 2008 did have an Exchange aware backup.  Always did from day one.  In fact it was SBS that kicked Exchange into gear to releasing it.  SBS needed it.  Had it under the hood and it pushed normal Exchange to release it/include it in a service pack.  But from day one, SBS 2008 always did have an Exchange aware backup.

…but you probably want to know about brick level backups?  Seriously in this day and age where BY DEFAULT SBS 2008 and 2011 have a 30 day email retention policy, so even if you delete an email you have 30 days to pull it back out of the deleted bin.  Take Outlook off of cached mode and undelete what you just deleted.  VERY EASY.  And really means that brick level mailbox backup is harder to justify. 

Now what about archiving?  That can be added with an Exchange Enterprise cal (just a cal, not the server license needed) to turn on archiving.


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