Women In War: ‘I’ve Lived Out There With The Guys’ : NPR:

There was a sentence in here that struck me funny this morning…

“Here is my problem,” Peterson said. “We’re talking about ground combat, nose-to-nose with the bad guys, living in the mud, eating what’s on your back, no hygiene and no TV. How many of you have seen how infantrymen, the ground troopers, live, and how many of you would volunteer to live like that?”

…uh … given the vast number of us not watching TV like we used to anymore, I’m not sure the threat of no TV feels like a threat anymore.  Lord knows if you threatened me with the inability to watch The Bachelor, the Nanny, Skating with the Stars or any number of reality TV shows I’d say “When can I sign up?”   Threaten me with taking away my Internet connection and then I’d pass.  But take away TV?  Especially certain shows?  No problem.

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