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Getting a 80070643 with a PowerPoint 2007 and you don’t have PowerPoint 2007?

So I’m sitting in the backyard with my laptop remoting back into the desktop upstairs trying to keep from being eaten by Mosquitos and trying to fix the upstairs computer.  Now here’s the thing, Office 2010 is loaded up on this machine but it was an upgrade from 2007.   And it’s trying to update PowerPoint 2007 and obviously not working. 

So I’m going to remove the Office 2007 interop assemblies on the chance that that is what’s causing the error to occur because according to the program and features, there’s no Office 2007 loaded on this pc but obviously I’ve mangled it up doing an inplace upgrade. 

Bingo that was it.  I had to remove the Microsoft Office 2007 Interop Assemblies (whatever THAT is) and then the PowerPoint 2007 patch offering went away.

Now if only the mosquitoes would go away too.

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  • #   Steve Howard on 04.24.11 at 2:24 am     

    Old Aussie mozzie secret.
    Rub your skin in favorite spirit (vodka, scotch, rum), take liberal drink of same. Then rub some fine sand on skin over spirit, have another drink.
    Mosquitoes will try to bite, drink alcohol, get drunk and throw rocks at each other!
    Have another drink!