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Indexing Adobe PDFs in SharePoint Foundation 2010

Indexing Adobe PDFs in SharePoint Foundation 2010 Post courtesy of Robert Crane

Ignore this

We’re starting to see more and more of what I’m going to call the “cloud effect” in operating systems. Annoying but ignorable errors that make it hard to figure out what’s really going on. If I don’t reboot my SBS 2008 production server once a month – I will get this annoying error message in […]

Adding a bit of group policy to SBS Essentials So you want to do folder redirection on your SBS -Essentials and you’ve heard of this Win7 plug in thingy but you don’t want to wait for it? No problem, just use plain old group policy. Go to start, then to group policy management console, Do a new group policy object Now this is […]

So what kind of test rig do you have?

So as a fyi the test I’m doing on Multipoint isn’t really a good test, it’s just a proof of concept.  Why do I say that?  Because it’s in a hyperV server and not on real hardware. To really see Multipoint shine you have to see it on real hardware. But when you want […]

Multipoint cals

So far the multipoint server looks easier to know where/how to enter the cals for the RDS/Multipoint sessions.  Remember you need multipoint cals and Windows server cals IF you are in a normal network, but in a SBS Standard one, the Windows cals are covered by the SBS standard cals. Don’t forget to watch this […]

Setting up multipoint server So when the multipoint finishes the wizard we’re now set to set up the multiple workstations. We then get to log in And now on a Win7-ish background the console loads up This is where you start to see the MAJOR bling of the Multipoint server.. this is where it’s the Las Vegas glitz […]

Installing Multipoint Server Starting to install a test of Multipoint Server and realized that I didn’t really know the minimum specs for a play box. So I downloaded this: in order to figure out what the minimums were.  Another good document is here: Remember multipoint is wizardized remote desktop services server. You download the ISO and […]

How to Add the Premium Add-On Server to a SBS 2011 Domain – SQL Role

The key to installing the SQL is making sure you are logged in as the domain admin when you install it so it can see the SBS domain. How to Add the Premium Add-On Server to a SBS 2011 Domain – SQL Role – TechNet Articles – Home – TechNet Wiki: If you have […]

So what PowerShell do you use in your SBS network?

So what PowerShell do you use in your SBS network? PowerShell Not your Father’s Command Line Part 19 of 31: Small Business Server, PowerShell, and Me – Matt Hester’s WebLog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs: If your name is Sean – you do this: Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name “Zen Spamhaus” -LookupDomain -AnyMatch $True -Enabled […]

Wanna see a SBS essentials add in?

One of the many questions in the SBS Essentials forum ( ) from folks is when will we see add in’s for SBS Essentials? The other day the first one that showcases hosted Exchange was unveiled the other day - did you spot it the other day? Vlad Mazek – Vladville Blog » Blog Archive » […]