Okay so don’t do this….

So I’m going through and doing a step by step of this demo…  http://demoshowcasesuite.com/demos/37cb96dd-b729-44f5-84c9-1360be5b18cb

And one of the things that isn’t real obvious in that demo is how to add the RDS cals to that server.  Another thing you don’t want to do on your SBS 2011 box is add the Remote Desktop Gateway role to your SBS 2011.

It mangles things.

Instead follow this if you want to install the remote desktop gateway service role:

How to Manage the Remote Desktop Gateway Service in SBS 2011:

You don’t install the console through the role wizard – which very obviously sets up policies and things that mangles the policies on the server.  (Next time girl, go with your gut that kept telling you it didn’t feel right to be building new remote access polcies)

Yes boys and girls this is why we have a SBS 2011 in a HyperV test box so we can play with this stuff and blow it up in sand boxes and play time and not where it counts on production boxes.

Pardon me while I erase that section of the word doc and do that part over.


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