SharePoint 2010 sp1 out today

SBS 2011 has a problem with SharePoint updates.  Like it doesn’t apply them automatically. Thus when you roll out a Service pack, stick it on MU and WSUS and …..

a. you do not have public betas of these Service packs
b.  do not blog/post/tweet/announce ahead of time that it’s coming so that the SBS team can get their communication ready to go to give guidance since we have to MANUALLY run the psconfig command.  (for a reminder see this link)

This is a service pack.  The fact that you are tying these suckers to Steve Ballmer office cloud launches and are not properly informing admins …. I don’t get it.  I do not understand why the company that built Exchange cannot communicate that you plan to put these service packs on the first day they are released.

People say I sound angry on the blog at times.  Today this makes me angry.  I do not get why an organzation with public relations, with people paid to tweet and social media cannot alert people appropriately ahead of time when it comes to mundane things like Service packs.  This isn’t a public relations event, this is something that should be communicated to appropriately to administrators.

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