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Hi, I am trying to move my domain fully over to, but my provider says that Microsoft has to do this. I am trying to change the primary and secondary dns servers to microsoft (as described in the “register” part of the domain wizard), but the wizard says that my provider has to do this (, but thay say they can not do this, I have to cancel my services by them….

Can anyone tell me how to go about this. I have moved my e-mail, by changing the mx record, but want to convert fully to Office 365.


There are still a few other options available to you, if you can’t change your name servers to point to Office 365, however, the best option is to work together with your DNS service provider to try to get your DNS setup as described in the following article:…/gg549203.aspx

(You can send this article to your DNS registrar to help explain how you want your DNS services setup.)

If your DNS service provider confirms that you absolutely can’t change your name servers to point to Office 365, you could work to transfer your DNS registrar to one of the DNS registrars from the following article which are known to work with Office 365:…/gg584174.aspx

If you are unable to change to a different DNS registrar that is compatible with Office 365 you can follow the instructions from the following article to NOT fully re-delegate your domain to Office 365, but this option is not recommended or supported by Office 365 since your DNS servers will not be associated Office 365:…/477.aspx

You can also see the following articles for additional information about using your domain with Office 365:…/host-your-website-with-another-provider.aspx (Change A and CNAME DNS records to and external website)…/63ecc8c0-de29-43a2-9bb3-a379634a217f (Small Businesses Domain Add)


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  1. Joe Raby on July 13, 2011 at 5:37 pm said:

    If you’re using anything other than Plan P, then the option to move your domain to Microsoft’s name servers isn’t there, and you MUST edit your DNS settings manually (or have your provider do it for you if you can’t).

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