Who saw this coming?

Okay who saw the HP news coming?

The WebOS .. I think… was an expensive purchase but man, I’m not sure I would have pulled the plug quite so fast there.  You guys didn’t let the ecosystem build.  Nor is the news about the withdrawal from the personal computer market sounding good to all of us businesses that have premise applications.  Guys you may be looking at the cloud and an all tablet world but we’ve got still a LONG way to go before my fingers and swiping are 1/2 as efficient as  keyboard and a mouse. 

And I’m still not a fan of Dell hardware.



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  1. “And I’m still not a fan of Dell hardware.”


  2. SeanPT on August 18, 2011 at 10:27 pm said:

    Come to the dark side 🙂

    I’ve been using Dell hardware almost exclusively because … well it is what I was surrounded by when I moved away from doing whiteboxes to OEMs. A bunch of my business clients already had Dell hardware, it was stable and study so I stuck with them. I so very rarely have hardware problems that aren’t attributable to normal life.

    Heck, I’ve often cursed Dell for being TOO good when I have machines that are 5+ years in the field and still running fine.

    I’ve only been using Dell since 2001 so I can only speak for the last 10 years but the last 10 years have been steller … for me. Everyone’s experience in life with everything is different (otherwise we wouldn’t have people in this world who don’t like things like coffee and chocolate).

    Anyways, don’t fear the big D … at least, not too much.

  3. “Heck, I’ve often cursed Dell for being TOO good when I have machines that are 5+ years in the field and still running fine”

    The only problem will be that without any competition they will be able to be as crappy as they want to be. IF they choose to go in that direction. For desktops anyway. There is still competition in laptops. And no, I don’t beleive that laptops are going away anytime soon no matter what anyone says.

  4. Pete P on August 19, 2011 at 9:01 pm said:

    I’m bummed. Let’s not forget IT consultants in HP’s reseller program. All I sold my clients are HP business desktops. Made a great commission. Not thrilled at all having to switch to Dell. I don’t get it. I have an iPad 2 but when it comes serious data entry, managing my business and customers’ systems, nothing beats PC.

  5. HP PC isn’t going away, it will just be a subsidiary of HP so it will be the same company with a different name that’s all.

  6. For servers, I’ll keep with HP Proliants. For PC’s/notebooks, check out Lenovo. Thinkpads and Thinkcentre PC’s/notebooks are an excellent option to HP offerings. Plus we had very go experince with their support.

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