Annoying software installs

Installed a new HP multi function printer last night.  Went to launch a browser this morning and found that since I was lazy and didn’t use the custom install it nicely installed a Yahoo browser toolbar on me.

Gee thank you HP.  I still love your servers and your desktops but your printer drivers really annoy me.

3 Thoughts on “Annoying software installs

  1. Joe Raby on August 23, 2011 at 2:57 pm said:

    Note to Susan: always, ALWAYS custom install. Always!

    HP drivers have an obscure text link that allows you to choose each component from the driver install. Depending on the model, I will choose the baseline drivers and HP Update, but sometimes I also choose the HP Solution software if that version of Windows doesn’t offer full functionality for the device (like faxing on Home versions of Windows). The rest of it is unchecked.

  2. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Besides Yahoo, there’s also:

    HP Customer Participation Program
    HP Solution Center
    Shop for supplies
    HP Smart Web printing
    HP Update
    HP Photo Creations
    HP Imaging Device Functions

  3. I think it is time for a web site, along the lines of, how about My alusion is to Google’s slogan of ‘dont be evil’ which they merrily chant while doign evil deeds on your computer.

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