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All good things

All good things must come to a pass.  And a web site that many of you relied on …. has been taken offline by it’s owner.  Unfortunately along with the great content it had.

A couple in particular are ones that people ask for over and over again— one on Blackberries on SBS, another on site to site VPN.

If you need an article on Blackberries on SBS 2008 – check out this url Boon Tee found in the meantime.


  • #   Mcjack on 09.03.11 at 4:19 am     

    Damn, that was a good site, not sure why its down?

  • #   Mike on 09.08.11 at 11:45 am     

    Sad that they didn’t at least parcel up the content (e.g. as a PDF) and make it available somewhere as a download.

    The downside of electronic stuff is that it is easier to wipe than paper… :o(

  • #   Enrique Garcia on 09.16.11 at 7:39 am     

    A sad day indeed. Would be good to know the reason behind it in order to learn: was it a matter of feasability? too much of a burden? or simply the EBS 2008 siZ85ndrome about to fall on SBS?