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Happy Halloween 2011

This year I’m mad scientist at the door greeting trick or treaters….. or translation the best “door” costume I could come up with given the fact that I saw trick or treaters heading down the road.  A little hair gel to make the hard  hair stand up a bit more than it normally does, a […]

Watch for USB flash drives

Error message when you start your computer with a non-system disk:;en-us;812492 When remotely patching, ensure that flash drives are not stuck in machines.  I nearly started tearing apart and replacing a hard drive on a workstation before I spotted a flash drive in the back causing the system not to boot.

QuickBooks Loan Manager and Internet Explorer 9 Problem FIXED

QuickBooks Loan Manager and Internet Explorer 9 Problem FIXED : Practical QuickBooks: I’ve had IE9 installed for a while – mainly because if you never use the items that have issues with IE9, you never see the issues.  Bottom line if you were holding back, there’s now a fix.

>>>Exchange Server Solution Sharing – 2011 October<<<:

Post: Cannot Setup Active Sync Problem Description: ================ Environment: Exchange 2010   Symptom: In order to fix the Active Sync setup issue, the customer reinstalled IIS and Client Access Server for several times. After that, the Exchange Management Console/Shell cannot be opened successfully.   Cause: ================ 1. The Default Web Site also hosts another […]

>>>Solution Sharing—-Internet Explorer—–September<<<:

Post: <Link redirection in IE 9> <> Description: ============== Environment: Windows 7 SP1 with IE 9 installed While trying to open a link terminates with .pdf in IE9 (such as, the link cannot open. We have tried add the sites to “trusted sites”. Cause: ============== This can be caused by ProxySubClsid32 pointing to the incorrect […]

Now patching

…. patching/updating an iPhone better known as … about as entertaining as watching paint dry. 

Fixing a bit of thumbprints

The STARTTLS certificate will expire soon: subject:, hours remaining: 76EB0A88D2FAE18ACD758189A6C630A1771990D0. Run the New-ExchangeCertificate cmdlet to create a new certificate. So if you are like me and running a SBS box with a third party cert, you’ll get to a stage where the internal self signed leaf certificates will expire and the third party cert […]

Network capture tool that works on events

Event Log Driven Network Capture Tool: and copy the tool to the terminal server. Install network monitor on the terminal server. and copy the nm3eventcap.exe to the server. a command window with run as administrator, run command,Nm3eventcap.exe 56.cap –o 56 –f “tcp.port==3389″ –b 1000 NOTE: above command will keep capturing the logs until event […]

Fresno Partner group meeting

Tonight we had our Fresno partner group meeting and we talked about several topics — how good Bob Nitrio and Karl Palachuk were at the Sacramento IT pro group.  They discussed cloud computing and how to be a trusted advisor and really understand the business model.We talked about SMBMVPtour content (MultiPoint in particular) and then […]

Dear Exchange

We need to talk.  You’ve put on a few pounds lately.  You aren’t the thin young thing you used to be.  To the point where people are talking behind your back.  In various listserves in fact, folks are starting to chat about how there’s a young thin thing called Kerio that is attracting the eyes of […]