Happy Halloween 2011

This year I’m mad scientist at the door greeting trick or treaters….. or translation the best “door” costume I could come up with given the fact that I saw trick or treaters heading down the road.  A little hair gel to make the hard  hair stand up a bit more than it normally does, a bit of eyeliner around the eyes and eyebrows and nose to make a mustache and a bit of masking tape around the glasses.  Oh and a lab coat.  What can I say, I was pressed for time and the Princess costume takes too much time to throw on.

I must admit the mad scientist costume was inspired by Raymond Chen’s blog today.


At least for me it’s effective

3 Thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2011

  1. “to make the hard stand up a bit more than it normally does”


    Been doing a little Halloween drinking have we ?

  2. bradley on October 31, 2011 at 11:36 pm said:

    Thanks for the catch. Obviously low lights in the living room and no spellchecker.

  3. “Obviously low lights in the living room”


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