Seeing issues with svchost spiking the cpu on SBS 2008 servers?

At an Exchange powershell command window (open up the Exchange shell with a runas admin) type in Disable-antispamupdates  and say Yes to disable antispam updates for now.

Then go into services, stop Windows Update service and restart it.  You’ll see the svchost spike problem go away.

When the issue resolves, I’ll tell you to flip them back on.  If you temp disable them now, you won’t spike the cpu on the box.

The issue has been resolved.  If you disabled antispam updates, turn them back on.

So during migrations some people are installing the ntbackup code on their SBS 2011 boxes.  This allows you to restore data from your SBS 2003.  <Unconfirmed at this time> It appears that on some hardware configurations or setups if you leave this ntbackup code in the server and then attempt to do a bare metal install, you’ll end up with a blinking cursor on a black screen. 

Hyper-V – SBS 2011 – Black Screen:

The moral of this story is, when you complete the process of migration, uninstall KB974674.

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