Svchost spiking on SBS 2008?

Seeing issues with svchost spiking the cpu on SBS 2008 servers?

At an Exchange powershell command window (open up the Exchange shell with a runas admin) type in Disable-antispamupdates  and say Yes to disable antispam updates for now.

Then go into services, stop Windows Update service and restart it.  You’ll see the svchost spike problem go away.

When the issue resolves, I’ll tell you to flip them back on.  If you temp disable them now, you won’t spike the cpu on the box.

The issue has been resolved.  If you disabled antispam updates, turn them back on.

How many hail marys do I need for this?

Forgive me father for I have rooted.

I finally bit the bullet and rooted/hacked up one of the two Gtablets I have and put it up to Honeycomb per the info on this pages –

ClockworkMod for GTab 1.2branch | Bishop of Technology:

I must say it does act a lot peppier.

Patch management webinar

If you are looking for that recording of the Patch Management webinar I did – here it is

Spotlight on patch management:

Remove KB974674 after migration

So during migrations some people are installing the ntbackup code on their SBS 2011 boxes.  This allows you to restore data from your SBS 2003.  <Unconfirmed at this time> It appears that on some hardware configurations or setups if you leave this ntbackup code in the server and then attempt to do a bare metal install, you’ll end up with a blinking cursor on a black screen. 

Hyper-V – SBS 2011 – Black Screen:

The moral of this story is, when you complete the process of migration, uninstall KB974674.

Have Gnome with travel

I’m going down to San Diego to help out with the final tour stop of 2011 this Saturday.  It looks to be a great line up with Jeff Middleton, Cliff Galiher, and Jessica DeVita.

Looking forward to seeing folks from the San Diego area!

SBS Essentials with Server for $600


Looking for a deal on a OEM SBS Essentials?  HP has one this weekend for around $600.

Thanks to Grey and Kevin for the heads up on the deal.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Okay all you cheap app Apple owners that don’t like to fork out more than 99 cents for an app, time to break out the bucks and enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer along with your apps. On sale this weekend is the Charlie Brown Christmas ipad app for $4.99 (regular $6.99).

If you are a Charlie Brown fan, the digital pop up book is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.

Shopping should not be a contact sport

Today was Black Friday, tomorrow is small business Saturday and Monday is Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Fight in Walmart video game section Fresno, CA. 2011 – YouTube:

That’s in my home town.

Nice.  Not. 

Sad.  Things are never that important.

Thanking you

I’m thankful for my friends and family.

I’m thankful for the folks behind the SBS blog

I’m thankful for Brian Krebs and his blog..and I just donated to ensure his blog keeps going.

And of course, I’m thankful for all of you that read the blog and inspire me.


Reinstalling .net

Visual Studio Journey: Reinstalling the .NET Framework on a WebServer: No Picnic:

I wouldn’t use SBS 2003 as a web server.

I wouldn’t install .net 4

But in case you need to rip out .net and reinstall it because updates get stuck, that is the order that the updates need to go in.