Office 365 Integration Module Beta opens up for SBS Essentials

Office 365 updates begin to percolate through Microsoft’s line-up | ZDNet:;content

“On November 1, Microsoft also made available (only in beta form, however) the promised Office 365 Integration Module (OIM) for its Small Business Server 2011 Essentials product. SBS 2011 Essentials, the product formerly codenamed “Aurora,” is a hybrid cloud-on-premises server for small businesses that Microsoft made generally available back in July 2011. OIM is what makes the product a “hybrid.” I’ve asked the Softies when they expect the final version of OIM to be available; no word back yet.

By installing OIM, SBS 2011 Essentials users can subscribe to Office 365 or configure their server to work with an existing Office 365 subscription; perform Office 365 management tasks from a dashboard and more.”

Read more here as well:

If you are like most admins and admin your sbs essentials box via RDP, make sure you turn off IE ESC otherwise you’ll get a javascript warning while trying to run the beta.  You can sign up for the 30 day trial version of the P1 or the E3 plan to test this/kick the tires.

You can disable this via a reg key change – Disable IE ESC from command-line | System Center:
 (hat tip to Rob)

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