Getting a spare.

Just dropped a HP DG0300FAMWN  drive off of my main server and the spare in the box picked up and started rebuilding the array.

That’s the good news.

Now the interesting news will be is how easy I can get another spare.


3 Thoughts on “Getting a spare.

  1. Server lead times from HP are up to three months now. Every time I check order status another two weeks it added.

  2. It sounds like you have my policy: always have +1 spares on hand for any planned RAID array. (My personal workstation, for example, has an unplanned RAID array. I happened to end up with 2x2TB WD Black drives so a RAID-1 array was born. But that is different than say ordering a new system for a client…) This way if there is a drive failure I can swap ASAP, start the rebuild, and start the RMA process on the failed drive. And of course we always have backups so if another drive fails in that process and the array goes tits up, no worries!

    But Susan already knows all of this. But maybe someone else reads this and is enlightened to improve their RAID/Backup policy.

    Best of luck on getting the drive! I have an open RMA w/ WD that basically they said they will get me a drive when / if they can. They may no longer have my model (older 500g drive, actually only 3 weeks left on warranty when it failed) and if that is the case they’ll send me whatever they can (when they can).

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