2 Thoughts on “So where’s our cut?

  1. Sorry but that’s a lame post! Facebook provides a platform and we use it! No different than Google or Microsoft. Should we ask where’s our cut from them as well? If you want a cut, buy some stock! That’s the American way!

  2. bradley on February 2, 2012 at 11:48 am said:

    Arguably for Google and Bing, or any platform were the value of the item is not paid by the users of the software but by advertisers or other means.

    In Facebook’s case is it truly that the platform is the most valuable asset? Or is the quantity, quality of users? Or is it the metadata information that can be gathered from the users? The value of the servers, the software and the platform is not what people are paying for. If it was, someone else could build similar server platform and be of the same value. They are paying for people gathering at the location. If we decide tomorrow that there’s another place that we want to gather, where is the value?

    It’s value is ultimately our use of the platform, not just the platform.

    Given that they see risk in Google plus, Facebook sees this as well.

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