Are you an IT Pro seeking a head start with the new Windows 8 technology wave?

(or in my case are you an IT Pro that can’t leave the office this time of year and thusly can’t attend the MVP summit nor the public MVP Nation as usual?)

Attend the MVP Nation 2012 streaming conference webcast!

  • Intensive on everything Windows 8: server, desktop, mobility, tablet
  • No travel – No airfare – No hotel
  • When you purchase a virtual ticket you will receive online access to the live event.
  • You will be able to watch all of the sessions via streaming video as they happen. You can ask live questions.
  • You will also receive online versions of the conference materials that you may download and print to follow along.
  • No physical materials will be shipped to you. All access is via a password protected site.
  • After the event, you will continue to have access to this site in order to access the recorded sessions and posted materials.
  • HURRY! Seating is limited to 500 virtual attendees!

110% money-back guarantee if not completely overwhelmed.

  • Dates
    • Webcast: March 2-3, 2012
    • Broadcast Location: Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, WA
    • Sign-up:
    • Cost: $99 for the two-day web cast
    • More information: 1-888-SMBNAT1

One Thought on “Can’t go to Seattle?

  1. The best decision of SMBNation in years!
    Is there a possibility to mention this in the first keynote?
    I subscribed, I am from the Netherlands.

    Regards, Leen Kleijwegt

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