How to be really blonde but find something out at the same time

So this weekend I updated my hyperV parent and SBS box and rebooted the server but not my workstation as I had rebooted it weeks before (this will be important later, stay tuned).  And the next day I started realizing that the annoying every 1/2 hour on the hour alerts I kept getting (see [a] below ) I was not being alerted to before.  And because I want to leave my box in a broken getting alerts state, I was concerned that I wasn’t getting alerts.  So I logged into the server and realized that it truly WAS getting alerts but it just wasn’t sending them to my network alert enabled launchpad.

I went to the server and disabled/reenabled my rights as a user to get the alerts. 

I went to the launchpad and made sure it said Local and Server

Still only local alerts.  I looked in the log files (ActiveAlerts.xml in the c:\programdata\microsoft\windows server\data folder)

I looked in the log files (Programdata\microsoft\windows server\logs folder).  It was not getting network alerts on the local machine.  Was seeing them up on the server.

(Can you guess yet as to what EXACT thing I forgot to check?)

So I checked with others to see if they had seen this – no one had.  I checked what updates I installed (dang, some .net’s wonder if that’s it?).  And still no go.  I was still bummed that I didn’t have the alerts any more so that I could test future fixes.  So I opened up a support case and got a lesson in blondeness.

Can you guess the setting I forgot to check?

In the Launchpad, I forgot to check the “Local and Network” settings.  After I rebooted the HyperV parent and the SBS server I broke the communication connection to the server.  This flipped the alerts from “Local and Network” to “Local only”, thus leaving me with ONLY my own alerts and losing all the network alerts.

The moral of this story?  Don’t forget to check the basics. 

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post where I found out something I didn’t realize.  Something I’ll add to the Windows Storage Server Essentials R2 build doc.

[a] “Computer Monitoring Error” on Dashboard or Launchpad – TechNet Articles – Home – TechNet Wiki:

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