Technet reducing product keys

Microsoft cuts back on Windows keys after pirates grab booty • Channel Register:
A Microsoft spokesperson told us: “Over the past few months, pirates have exploited these programs and systems to obtain free or lower cost genuine product and have then resold at significant profit margins, depriving Microsoft and its partners of legitimate revenue and leaving users with an improperly licensed and unsupported product.

Sorry Microsoft, not buying that explanation.  We’ve had Technet bogus keys for years.  This is not new.  What is new is how many of these Technet subscriptions you’ve handed out all over the place.  It’s included now in Action pack.  (and if you are a SMB partner/reseller you SHOULD sign up for Action pack).  What you should do now for testing is make snapshots or copies of the activated versions and build your test beds from there.

One Thought on “Technet reducing product keys

  1. Joe Raby on March 22, 2012 at 11:53 am said:

    What about that blog post from the Softie that said that MAPS customers should just use their TechNet keys for production computers when MAPS isn’t updated fast enough, and that the product key doesn’t matter so long as you have a license to use the bits?

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