Man do I get really annoyed with .net.

Adam indicated that he had issues with Companyweb and WSUS and it was fixed by following

Windows Update Fails in SBS 2008 and WSUS Updates Not Available SBS Console Event ID: 2268 ISAPI Filters « Wintivity:

Now why does that post annoy me so much?  Because .net 4 is not default on a SBS 2008.  So that update that messed up a box was installed because Microsoft made a really big (and I mean big) push to shove out .net 4 all over the place.  When they did, they caused issues on SBS 2003 and it’s not easily uninstalled on SBS 2008 (see

When a box is nailed by an update that is optional and probably not needed for the platform… that’s just wrong.

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