After update, I can’t print from windows on Turbo Tax

Unable to Print TurboTax Return After Installing the Latest Windows
Update (Last Updated 12 Apr-12)

(Note that Intuit posts that they will have an update tomorrow)

From Microsoft

‘It seems the .Net Framework team has what they need and are tracking down the problem.  It’s unclear how widespread this issue may be.  So as a precaution, the .Net updates have been down-throttled (they will not be checked or install by default on consumer PCs).  Throttling has no effect in the managed space, so administrators will need to weigh the potential risks to ‘forms’ (tax and bank form printing) software to make a decision for their environments.

I’m not able to speak for the product group (.Net Framework) who is working diligently to track this down.  But once they have a solution in hand, it’s likely they’ll update KB2656368 ( and the MS12-025 bulletin ( with details.

I hope that helps until there’s official word and a resolution.’

3 Thoughts on “Unable to Print TurboTax Return After Installing the Latest Windows Update

  1. SeanPT on April 14, 2012 at 12:42 am said:

    I had my client call me with this. He was able to save the PDF and print that so we had a work around but holy smokes, what bad timing for such a bug.

  2. This post was very helpful in at least confirming that MS is aware of the issue (our programmer said no doubt others would run into issues). The MS suggested work arounds did not apply to us and were useless in that regard, but our programmer was able to swap out code to change methods in order to work around their bug. We even had an independent developer from Germany contact us to ask how we worked around it. So obviously many smaller packages were also affected.

  3. bradley on April 18, 2012 at 1:38 pm said:

    Deet? Can you email me at so I can make sure you are in touch with MS?

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