One Thought on “Are you the 42% or the 58%

  1. Joe Raby on April 21, 2012 at 11:26 am said:

    I see this a lot from marketing companies. All of the supposedly “professional” and “successful” general marketing companies are pushing online advertising and SEO as being the highest ROI. They quote numbers of things like print, trade shows, and any in-person advertising as having a single digit percentage attach rate for prospects, whereas online will have an 80%+ attach rate guaranteed (I can guarantee that these numbers will be inflated too).

    I wonder how many of those SMB’s surveyed for the article just think of online marketing via web presence, SEO, e-commerce, and advertising as being “cloud computing” with no thought on where their internal company data is stored though. I would guess that more than half of them think this way. Doing “business” in the cloud doesn’t always mean “doing business in the cloud”.

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