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Windows Server 2012 RC is now out

Did you hear the joke about how two HyperV’s walked into a bar?

One of Windows Server 2012′s secret weapons: Hyper-V Replica | ZDNet: So one of the potential interesting things for SMBs is HyperV replication.  You’d need two HyperV boxes and then a wizard.  Of course we have to test to see if this is possible from a support and licensing standpoint (I’m not holding my […]

This nic or that nic?

When getting your head around networking in HyperV the first time, I find it helpful if your network cards are different manufacturers.  Now in real life this is nearly impossible as the Quad card on most servers means all 4 are the same name.  That said as others have pointed out, even on a production […]

FREE Online Certification Prep Training for #Office365 Exams 70-321 and 70-323

What are the requirements to earn the Microsoft Partner Network Small Business Competency? – Microsoft SMS&P Partner Community Blog – By Eric Ligman – Site Home – MSDN Blogs: Remember 70-321/323 are some of the new small biz competency examsFREE Online Certification Prep Training for #Office365 Exams 70-321 and 70-323 – IT Pros ROCK! […]

Just around the corner

Getting ready for the ITpro conference in New Orleans?  I am.  Nancy sent out this message last week! For those coming in for the Brain Explosion, you will be able to check in for the conference early.  For all others we will have a registration table outside the St. Charles room starting at 4:00pm on […]

SSDs in servers?

So if you speak french there’s two videos on Dell’s site about SBS 2011 essentials. You’ll have to pardon me as I get back into the swing about blogging on virtualization.  Right now my HyperV test server is in the back of my MINI boot to go back to the office for tomorrow’s Fresno […]

Ignore this error …. It’s really frustrating to see a forum post where people realize an issue is two years old and Microsoft doesn’t appear to want to solve the problem. Sync Issues folder for Outlook 2010 contains warnings such as “Synchronization of some deletions failed”: ignore this …

Fresh Servers

Watching the bbc iplayer of the Chelsea flower show and thought I might grow myself a new server tonight as well.  I’ll still be blogging about HyperVing SBS Essentials, but how about we throw in some forwarding looking stuff by standing up a Beta (NOT TO BE USED IN PRODUCTION) of the Windows server 8 […]

A problem prevented Customer Experience Improvement Program data from being sent to Microsoft

One of my pet peeves about how some of the decisions are being made on Windows 8 is something I’m calling “coding via telemetry data”.  Check out the Windows 8 engineering blog and the cite via their CEIP data how many of their customers are doing thus and so. Well every night I see this […]

Planning for growth

Before we begin to install a virtual SBS Essentials, one has to determine what you want to do as far as planning for disk space. While you can follow the SBS blog for the how to use a config file to set the drive sizes,  you can also use Robert Pearman’s GUI scripting tool […]