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Data collected through the Windows Feedback Program indicates that approximately 14% of desktop PCs and approximately 5% of laptop PCs have run with multiple monitors.

Steven honey, 100% of the users in this office have multiple monitors and if I hear that you are coding through telemetry one more time… I may scream.

That is currently one of the weak points of Windows 8 – the multiple monitor experience.  Glad to know that you you are listening to some feedback.

2 Thoughts on “Multiple monitors and Windows 8

  1. Hi,
    Just FYI, 100% os the people I know don’t use multiple monitors – at home or at the office.
    Just because 100% of the people YOU know do that, it doesn’t mean that all the world is doing the same… 😉

  2. We use multiple monitors here…10 users…they wouldn’t give it up.

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