.NET update problem from this morning should be resolved now

So I had a server at home with these three updates still being offered.  I clicked on the yellow icon to attempt to install them.  I got this window, I clicked close and the yellow icon went away and I’m no longer being offered these updates.

If you see differently holler, as I can’t repro anymore getting these updates.

2 Thoughts on “.NET update problem from this morning should be resolved now

  1. Joe Raby on May 22, 2012 at 9:18 pm said:

    Did you try to repro it using the WUAUCLT /detectnow command to see if the AU engine just needed a kick in the pants to rescan to see if they were necessary? It sounds like trying to install them just resolved the logs that track the necessity of the updates. Likely the log data was just old.

  2. scendu on May 23, 2012 at 4:41 am said:

    I need to vent my anger here. Not about this blog but about Microsoft.

    If this is what Microsoft calls a “resolution” then I don’t want to have any business with them anymore.

    1. Millions of users and administrators all around the world have wasted hours or even days while trying to solve this issue, thinking there is something wrong with their computers. I heard from many different people that they uninstalled/reinstalled all the .NET frameworks or even went as far and restored their whole system to an earlier state. Of course to no avail, because the cause of that issue was out of their control.

    2. For years I’m preaching to users to always install all Windows updates in a timely manner. Now Microsoft undermines this yet another time by releasing broken updates that cause headache and grief. Not because the updates failed in some special cases (you can’t test everything), but because they failed on every single Windows XP/2003 system on the planet that has the .NET Frameworks installed.

    3. Up until today, Microsoft did not publish a single KB article or Technet document about how to solve this mess. And i doubt this is going to happen. Instead you can find lots of different suggestions on many private websites, all of them unofficial and not guaranteed to work.
    I have another one here: Go to the Windows Update website and start a scan. The three offending updates will not be found anymore and therefor not be offered for installation any longer.

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