Peter Perry reports….

I installed the new rollup update for BPA on all my SBS2011 boxes.  All the new recommendations are fine except the below.  If I change the web.config file to match the transport setting as suggested (even ones still at the out-of-the-box 10MB default), users complain they can’t delete email from OWA and they receive an error.  Even worse, it completely breaks email flow on Blackberry devices with BES installed.  I confirmed this issue and restored the setting back to 2097151.  Something is amiss with Microsoft’s instructions.”

Tero commented..

When working with SBS2008, the correct command to set the limit would be:
appcmd set config “SBS Web Applications/ews” -section:requestFiltering -requestLimits.maxAllowedContentLength:[size in bytes]
ie. not the Default Web Site

Here is a good explanation about the impact of the different values and how to correctly set them in E2007 and E2010 respectively:

Obviously BPA seems to give wrong advice.

More here:

So for now… ignore that BPA item.  Bug filed.

One Thought on “/EWS virtual directory maxRequestLength doesn’t match the get-transportconfig MaxSendSize

  1. oh boy. I wish I saw your post earlier. I went in circles for a while trying to fix it only to not resolve it. Thanks for filing the bug!


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