SBS 2011 BPA rollup

First the good news.  The SBS 2011 bpa now has one integrated installer.

Now the bad news… it’s only on the Microsoft update site.

Under optional setings.

So install it.  And it will upgrade inside the program to 1.2

….but… it just got updated to 1.3 so how do you get that version?

You have to MU as second time to get the update rollup 3 offered up .

Then and only then are you on the latest version of the BPA.

One Thought on “SBS 2011 BPA rollup

  1. Chris on June 21, 2012 at 11:53 am said:

    Or just use WSUS – both the BPA and the 1.3 upgrade showed up in there and were installed on the server after I approved them.

    Just need to set up your WSUS to include new products, as you even mentioned yourself a while ago: 😉

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