Don’t approve Skype update published to WSUS

Edit:  as of noon pacific this update has been expired off of servers.  If you go and do a manual sync of WSUS it will expire off.  If you’ve already had this installed, manually uninstall it or use psexec to uninstall it (see thread at  and use psexec \\computername -h -s MsiExec.exe /X{EE7257A2-39A2-4D2F-9DAC-F9F25B8AE1D8} /qn )

FYI seeing the detection on this going broader than it was supposed to.

My understanding is that it’s only supposed to go to machined that already had Skype.   Detection obviously got screwed up.

Skype 5.9 for Windows Update on June 12, 2012:

Subject:     Skype 5.9 Update
Date:     Wed, 27 Jun 2012 10:44:41 +0100
From:     Dino

Reply-To:     Patch Management Mailing List <>
To:     Patch Management Mailing List


I notice a new category in WSUS/SCCM products list. The product was Skype.
Has we have a few clients with Skype installed I checked the box.
Today I had a new update available, Skype 5.9 for Windows.
It came in software updates so I deployed thinking that it would update
the machines that needed to be updated, machines with Skype installed.
But Skype update is being installed even in machines without Skype

Like it would if I had distributed via software distribution.
This is not normal, is it? An update should not affect machine without the
software installed?
Is this a way for Microsoft to have Skype disseminated?

With the best regards,

2 Thoughts on “Don’t approve Skype update published to WSUS

  1. a127 on June 28, 2012 at 2:39 am said:

    Such updates for APPs should be always exists twice in WSUS

    – “Skype 5.9 (Installer)”
    – “Skype 5.9 (Updater)” (update only existing Skype)

    (e.g Silverlight already do it this way)

    So than WSUS Admin could choose if they want to update existing apps only or install if not installed yet.

  2. Joe Raby on June 28, 2012 at 9:57 am said:

    Skype is the new toy for Microsoft, so they’re likely still just testing the deployment waters with this. Once they get enough complaints (and they will!), they’ll pull it from deployment channels, like they did with Windows Live Essentials on MU.

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