Mulling over the SBSC call

Gardening tasks this afternoon.  Bought another Moonshine Yarrow to match the other side of the front garden.  Planted a Buddleja Buzz Magenta in the back garden to bring in more bees and butterflies.  My first year planting of New Dawn Rose is putting on it’s second bloom.

On the geek front I’m still mulling over yesterday’s SBSC call with Eric Ligman and company.  Windows 8 lately is proving to me that Microsoft only listens to electronic feedback and poorly designed surveys with sampling errors of plus or minus 16 percent or so.  In their actions and deeds lately I do not hear them “listening”.  Truly listening.  They are a beancounter run company who wants metrics.  And quite frankly you and I do not give them metrics.  Lord knows I don’t.  If they looked me up in their Microsoft partner profile they’d see that I’ve not has a single SBS sale attributed to me.  Never.  Ever.  Yet how many customers of SBS, how many partners that sell and install SBS still, to this day, read this insane blogging that I do. 

It was good to hear other partners say in the call everything that I’ve been saying for months.  Microsoft when you say “we’ve talked to partners” when you’ve made these decisions… I wonder who are you talking to?  Do I think they’ll make changes and keep the SBSC?  I hope so.  They said that they needed to push partners to embrace the cloud.

ABSOLUTELY.  But gang, having a required exam of Office 365 is not all the things we need to know about the cloud.  As even Pinterest and Netflix found out this weekend, cloud deployments are not a walk in the park.  The cloud is more than Office 365, it’s more (quite frankly) that Microsoft right now.  Microsoft is the slow man out of the horserace and if the headlines are right… are not pushing the tools to the developers like they should if they want to be more in the cloud.

And don’t get me started that System Center Essentials is not a SMB solution.  Intune doesn’t cover Servers.  I said when Intune shipped that it wasn’t SMB enough and that it would turn into a mid market tool and I was right.

So will Microsoft listen to those in the SBSC program and keep it alive?

Time will only tell. 

In the meantime I need to get back to blogging about HyperV and SBS Essentials and pondering about internal wireless at the office and how the consumerization of IT (aka iPads inside the office) means that I feel like I’m lowering my wireless security standards.

More on that tomorrow.  Along with boring you with random chatter about my summer gardening tasks.

3 Thoughts on “Mulling over the SBSC call

  1. Jules Wilkinson on July 1, 2012 at 6:43 am said:

    Heya Susan,
    I’ve been asking / saying / telling since the first SBSC event here in the UK when Robbie said that the problem Microsoft has with “us” is that they can’t exactly calculate what we bring to the party – I said about letting us register the OEM keys of our purchases… Why is that such a big problem? It’s easy as heck to do… All keys are unique (or at least should be lol).

    I mean, how much as a percentage of sales is OEM to Microsoft?

    Are you telling me that all SBS OEM sales are from business users “having a go at a server” ?

    Sure – some are (as I’ve seen and fixed them).

    But there has to be an attributable reason for SBS servers being sold as a solution??
    So why not let us be measured on our tributes to Microsoft’s revenue.


  2. Jules Wilkinson on July 1, 2012 at 6:44 am said:

    Oh and the other one for me… Apparently they spoke to the PAL’s in determining where they would go with the SBSC program…

    What about speaking to the SBS MVPs?

  3. Paul Loizeaux on July 1, 2012 at 9:12 am said:

    Right on. Thanks for your views which mirror mine.

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