HyperV Time sync?

I was always taught — more like beaten into my brain that one should not enable the time integration in HyperV when you are virtualizing a DC.

But Microsoft appears to be shifting the rules a bit.  As pointed out by Jeremy Anderson of www.thirdtier.net

Microsoft is now saying —

http://blogs.msdn.com/b/robertvi/archive/2011/05/11/time-synchronization-and-domain-controller-vm-s.aspx and


Here’s Jeremy’s guide (which I’ll link off to in my HyperV for SMB wiki(

Time Services for a Domain Controller on Hyper-V – TechNet Articles – United States (English) – TechNet Wiki:

How are you doing it these days?

I think for purposes of the proof of concept we’ll do it Jeremy’s way.

Fixing the Black Screen of Death (KSOD) on SBS 2011

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Fixing the Black Screen of Death (KSOD) on SBS 2011 « PowerBiz Solutions:

Key google words

KSOD after restore

KSOD after bare metal recovery

Making sure you have remote access

My HP box is in route and should arrive by Thursday.  One of the things I didn’t order, that one SHOULD get these days for any server is a way to get into the server remotely undernead the OS.

For even the Microserver they offer a remote access card at the unbelievely low price of $79 – http://www.amazon.com/Micro-Server-Remote-Access-Car/dp/B0042AL4R2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1343546357&sr=8-1&keywords=microserver+remote+access+card

And if you only have one static IP at the location you are deploying this into, you can get it to respond on a port… so http://youripaddress:someportnumber and then in your firewall rerroute that port to the IP address of the Remote Access card (which would be a private IP address on the router).


As we start to move servers more and more to data centers where you can’t just walk over to the server and push the button and do stuff, plan on remote control of a server BELOW the operating system.

HP has iLO cards, Dell’s have DRACs, and even the MicroServer has a remote access card.

Did you catch the MINI?

Did you catch the MINI in the Olympics opening?


Obviously I did 😉

MicroServer can handle 16 gigs

Memory – HP MicroServer N40L Wiki:

The MicroServer can handle 16 gigs?  Really?

(link courtesy of Jeremy Anderson at www.thirdtier.net )

And it has a wiki?  http://n40l.wikia.com/wiki/HP_MicroServer_N40L_Wiki

HyperV Server for SMBs – a step by step how to series

Watching/Listening to Karmin on Youtube, planning the fall garden by figuring out how many Pink Impression Tulips I’ll need.

So in anticipation of the soon to be here RTM of Windows Server 2012 I’m going to see if I, Susan Bradley, PowerShell un-lover, Command line not so sure of-er, can see if I can do a proof of concept of a HyperV 2012 (yes the command line only thing) server.  But as first and foremost as a penny pinching geek, I am going to do this on a proof of concept hardware not one that I’d necessarily recommend as a HyperV base.. but it’s a cute box nonetheless and I plan to repurpose it into a Home Server 2011+DriveBender box after I do this.  So step one buy a HP Microserver… so far the cheapest (and on a site that I don’t think is a scam) is from Amazon.   Adding on the ram memory keeping in mind that the intended virtualized server I plan to put on here is only the SBS Essentials or Windows Server 2012 Essentials that needs a minimum of only 2 gigs of ram (aka no Exchange on the server), and the base ram you need for hyperV is only 1 gig or less.

I want to build a HyperV wiki for the SMB… translation single box, no private cloud system center, no fallover clustering thing, just a HyperV solution you might want to consider for a client (granted probably not on THIS HP Microserver but a HP server of a different vintage).  I’m going to tag this entry and all future entries as HyperVServer.

..and … done.  ordered the Server and RAM from Amazon.

Delivery Estimate: Wednesday August 1, 2012 – Monday August 6, 2012

So in the meantime I’ll start finding SMB resources and organizing items on this wiki page — http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/12636.hyperv-server-for-smbs-how-to.aspx

Need more info from Len @ Vembu?

Had a great presentation from him tonight at SMBTN Fresno – http://www.vembu.com/ Download the trial there!

What clients should Essentials support:


Supported clients at this time are Windows 8 Release Preview, Windows 7, Mac OS X version 10.5 to 10.8.  Note it does not include XP or Vista.

Do you think this is a good idea?  Yes or no?

Post your comments in the Essentials forum here:



Impacting Exchange 2007 and 2010

Security Advisory 2737111 released – MSRC – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

More information on Security Advisory 2737111 – Security Research & Defense – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

Overview of Exchange 2007 Outlook Web Access WebReady Document Viewing – Exchange Team Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:
http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2007/03/23/3401668.aspx <<<< vulnerable thing

While we don’t have the advanced search in SharePoint, we do have the Outlook Web Access WebReady Document Viewing thing enabled on Exchange 2007 and above (it’s not there in 2003 so no need to panic or take action).

If you want to adjust this using GUI rather than Powershell just untick the box on the Exchange console under Server organization/Client Access, OWA, then Private computer file access, uncheck Enable WebReady Document Viewing.

To whom it may concern in regards to recent changes of the technet subscription

Subject:     To whom it may concern in regards to recent changes of the technet subscription
Date:     Tue, 24 Jul 2012 08:52:43 -0700
From:     Susan Bradley <sbradcpa@pacbell.net>
To:     tsubserv@microsoft.com, >

Effective 7/16/2012 you removed Windows 7 Ultimate from the products
available with a technet plus subscription indicating that this is a
product removed because it’s “not intended for use in an IT professional
managed business environment. For instance: Windows XP Home Edition.”

I note that per
Windows 7 ultimate is no longer listed.

I strongly object to the removal of Windows 7 Ultimate from the technet
subscription.  In my practice and in my SMB world, Windows 7 ultimate,
and not Windows 7 enterprise is the sku that I upgrade to when I need
bitlocker and thus it is indeed part of the managed IT environment in my
firm and in the firms that I see.

When I beta test, Windows 7 ultimate IS the sku I use to test with for
purposes of beta testing with Microsoft’s server products and for patch
management deployment testing.  The removal of this license hampers my
ability to test Microsoft products, to support the small business
community and to better support your products.

I respectfully ask you reconsider this decision and put back in Windows
7 ultimate as an available sku for the use of testing in my
environment.  You are hampering my ability to support Microsoft’s products.

Thank you for your reconsideration to this decision.

Susan Bradley
Moderator www.patchmanagement.org
Writer at www.windowssecrets.com
Blogger at http://www.msmvps.com/blogs/bradley