A bit ironic

I find it a little ironic that the Small Business Specialist partner of the year got their designation for a job that included deployment of an on premise Exchange server.

eMazzanti Technologies Wins 2012 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award – Times Union:

While some partners are spending a few grand to meet in Toronto, I’m downloading Exchange 2010 just to see how easy or hard it is to install anyway.  I hope all of you are reaching out to your forums or user groups or SMB groups to talk about alternatives, to talk about … well change.  I know change is hard.  So how about we have our own virtual World wide SMB conference this week and share ideas and tweets and visions of what’s next.

4 Thoughts on “A bit ironic

  1. RandyS on July 8, 2012 at 7:36 am said:

    So, who is going to be the first to publish a book that describes how to build and configure an “SBS” equivalent using Server 2012 Essentials and all of the requisite parts?

    We should start a pool 🙂

  2. Steve on July 8, 2012 at 6:36 pm said:

    You know what, I’m starting to do this exact thing for my office server, as it just so happened I was migrating to a new server (SBS 2011) when the news broke.

    So I took the opportunity to try and do just that, create an equivalent system using Hyper-V.

    So far so good, although there are some aspects I miss, and some parts missing (some I don’t even think we can get back) but on the whole it was basically Exchange that was important. The same applies to my clients, although some use Sharepoint and RWA.

    What I do like, is on the same hardware, everything seems to run smoother, quicker and there is less running that I don’t need. It’s also nice to use the standard server tools I find, easier to get around and less wizards to get in the way.

    What I dont like is the install procedure for Exchange, although over time that will be second nature (.NET, IIS (and II6) installation etc), obviously the cost is an issue too for clients. (I have MAPS/Technet)

    But yes I’m obsessed with this topic it’s going to change the game for a lot of us, open to suggestions from eveyone!

  3. James Hurrell on July 9, 2012 at 6:31 am said:

    I have clients in the UK that are on awful internet connections (1-2MB in some cases) and hosted Exchange just doesn’t work (been there and tried it!) so in-house Exchange is a must for these guys.

    Also have clients that don’t use Sharepoint in SBS, but do make extensive use of Exchange/WSUS/RWA…

  4. The Professor on July 9, 2012 at 6:38 am said:

    There’s an interesting discussion on the channel9 forum between classical SBS and cloud proponents.

    It’s quite heavy and offers insights into how the “modern” cloud proponents are thinking.


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