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The biggest fattest hairiest deal of that blog post isn’t even talked about in that blog post.

So under the Windows Server 2012 rules of virtualization, you can buy Windows 2012 standard.  This gives you a 1+2 rights.  One hyperv role only parent, two children.  Now then these kids don’t have to be identical twins.  They can be fraternal twins.  You can take your Windows 2012 standard and install it as one virtual server.  Then you can get a copy of Windows 2012 Essentials and install it as a virtual server.

Downgrade rights (I’d argue this is an upgrade in features/not a downgrade) allow you to take a virtual server and ‘downgrade’ it to Essentials.

So think about it, for a $882(US) plus windows server cals (as Essentials is now a cal-less OS) for the windows server access rights for the member server needs) you can install Server 2012, then put Essentials as a virtual DC and a member server (2012) for your line of business needs.  Or Exchange.  Or Kerio.  Or whatever on that second server.  You don’t have to buy $425+$882 plus server cals, you just buy the $882 and then use one of your downgrade rights in the virtualization.

How do you get the media?  In VL it will be up there in the VLSC site.  In OEM  — I have no clue 🙂  If you happen to be near Las Vegas this coming Thursday there is a preday session that will feature some of the developers and marketing people.  So if you are there early for SMBnation – stop in to the session.

Looking for transmogrification info?  Look there.  You can give it a try and install a Windows 2012 standard key.  You’ll need to buy CALs now to be legal for server access, but there’s no “pack” just merely a Windows 2012 standard key that is needed to morph yourself from Essentials to Standard but with the Essentials features.

One Thought on “Windows Server Essentials 2012 finalizes

  1. Chris Prince on October 23, 2012 at 10:42 am said:

    I’m looking at the product keys available on the MVLS site after purchasing Windows Server 2012. There is a MAK key for SBS 2011????

    Do we actually have downgrade rights from server 2012 Standard to SBS 2011 Standard?

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