Yo.  Apple.  Sounds great you are coming to terms with the Swiss over the clock thing.  And great that you are coming out with a new ipad.  But can you go back and fix something that is a really bad design?

Lightninig to 30-pin Adapter not…: Apple Support Communities:

Your adapter thing.  You see you have this $30 adapter that allows us old iPhone 3, 3S, 4 and 4S people not to have to chuck all of our charging cables out the window and get new ones.  Except there is one problem.  If you have a case – of any kind – on your iPhone 5 the adapter doesn’t work.

So not only is it a tad lame of you not to have the adapter ready to go back when we ordered these phones, it’s a tad even more lame that it only works if the phone doesn’t have a case.

Can you go back and fix that please?  My Sister would appreciate it.

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