sbs 2012 will not come with exchange

Dear person who came here from Google.  Or bing.  You got here because you searched for that term.

I’m a bit concerned that it appears from the search strings I’m seeing and the comments on the SBS blog that you are just now finding out that the 2012 version of Windows 2012 Server Essentials (which is what it’s called now) no longer includes Exchange.

If you are just now finding out that instead of Exchange included, that you …that’s right YOU need to sit down with your clients and decide if

a. they will have Exchange (maybe you want Kerio or another mail server instead)

b. where that Exchange will be (hosted, Office 365 or installed on a member server)


c.  How you will now go about doing this you need to connect with a community.  May I recommend

There is no Exchange shipped with Windows 2012 Server Essentials – what you are probably calling SBS 2012.  Instead you need to decide where that Exchange will be.  If Office 365 or on a member server, there is a connector on the box to make the password sync stuff happen.  If you go with a third party Exchange vendor, ask them if they intend to build a plug in or give you guidance.

Installing Exchange on a member server IS doable.  Granted we’re all going to be learning a bit of command line and Powershell but honey, if I can, you can too.

So if you are freaking out that SBS 2012 no longer includes Exchange…..

There is no SBS 2012 it’s now called Windows Server 2012 essentials.

You can download a trial version here:

You can play with a lab here:

You can ask questions here:  and I’d strongly advise you to join a community like

Exchange on a member server is supported.

You can have your client purchase Windows 2012 Standard and do a HyperV deployment and downgrade one of the instances (children) to Windows Server 2012 essentials and the other is where your Exchange will be installed.  As Windows 2012 lets you have two virtualization installs not just one, and you can use a downgrade right to downgrade to Essentials (but buy volume licensing because any other way of buying will NOT be easy to dig out where to get downgrade rights).

But bottom line… sbs 2012 does not come with exchange

And there’s no amount of commenting on blogs that will change this decision and bring it back. 


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