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Play box for HyperV

So want a play box for HyperV?  You can actually load up 16gigs on that Microserver.

Loading Up Your HP N40L MicroServer With 16GB Of RAM | Wahl Network:
Modified BIOS for Microserver N40L enables hidden features – HP Microserver – HomeServerShow Forums:

I just ordered the RAM.. haven’t done the bios hack.


  • #   Matt on 10.28.12 at 5:39 pm     

    These are great little boxes. I am hoping to enter my MS certifcation with the new 2012 exams, just waiting for training material to become available.

    I recently purchased 2 x N40L’s with 16GB of ram, 1TB HDD’s, an extra add in NIC for my VM traffic and a gigabit switch, all for $877AUD.

    I now have a quiet, low power Hyper-V home lab that I have started mucking around with (have done a few posts on my blog, although I am new to the blogging thing also, so that is a learning curve in itself!)

  • #   Jason on 10.29.12 at 3:47 am     

    Love mine, using it at home for University work and teaining when I’m not in the office.