SBS SA Make-Good is NOT, Microsoft should be ashamed of itself. @ HandyAndy’s SBS-Rocks Blog:

I agree with Andy.  I as a customer feel like Microsoft dropped the ball on me.

The make good on SA should make a customer whole. In Andy’s case where he wants physical servers, it’s not, in my case where I want/plan to virtualize it’s not. I’m still one operating system short to be able to install SharePoint somewhere.

I officially am 5 Windows 8 licenses of that 40 million

Microsoft Sells 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses (But to Whom?) | The VAR Guy:

As a Software Assurance customer of Windows desktops, 5 out of the 40 million licenses sold were to me.

Of that number I have -zero- installed on actual machines and don’t plan to install on a desktop in the near future.

I am still eyeing up a replacement … heck my baby laptop is so dead these days – for my baby laptop and am looking towards a unit that I’m hoping will be coming out soon on AT&T….but I don’t think all 40 million of those licenses are installed.

TechSoup : Email – Fundraising Tools; Windows 8 in Action; Servers:

“Windows Server 2012 Essentials is now available at TechSoup! This edition of Windows Server is designed for small organizations with up to 25 users and 50 devices. Windows Server 2012 has a new user interface that looks similar to Windows 8’s Start Screen. the issue is not with the TV show but with how networking is handling NCIS.

Windows 7 in SBS2003 Premium network – yellow triangle mark on network icon:


OpenDNS Community > Forums > "Additional log on information may be 
required" pop up warning issue:

Both done in by how they handled NCIS reporting.

… so I renewed my Microsoft partner network membership and lost a competency.


As of December 16, 2012 I’m no longer competent.  Well in Microsoft’s eyes anyway.  I’m merely a network member with an Action pack subscription. 

Microsoft’s client-access licensing and pricing changes to hit December 1 | ZDNet:
Microsoft recently notified partners about enterprise Client Access Licenses (CALs) changes so they can inform customers about their options before the changes take effect on December 1, 2012. These CAL changes include a user-based option that offers more value in support across unlimited devices and simplifies licensing management and compliance as devices in the workplace proliferate. Pricing for user CALs will change to reflect the increased value. Customers should work with their Microsoft partner or account team to assess their options.”

No, you recently sent notices to distis who MAY have sent notices to partners.

I am still officially a Microsoft partner and I don’t recall getting any such official notice from Microsoft.  I’ve not received one from my license reseller.  I’ve only stumbled across it because others who had more on the ball TPAM (technical partner account manager) forwarded what they got to me.  So if Microsoft thinks they have informed their partners… I’d argue otherwise.

As we start deploying more of the Essentials stack, the log files move a bit.  In the past I would ask for the sbssetup.log file if any migration or install issues cropped up.  Now with Essentials I’ll be asking for a different log file.

In particular I’ll be asking for a log file called ConfigSvc.log and it will be located in a hidden folder C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs\

If you have any errors during the install it will be logged in ConfigErrors.log