Question:  If you buy Server 2012 standard VLK, and use your downgrade rights to install essentials.  You have less then 25 users so you don’t transmorg the box.  Do you need to buy server cals?

We have a client with legacy software running on server 2003.  They have Server 2003 cals.  I want to buy Server 2012 standard through VLK.  Physical to virtual the existing server (it can’t be upgraded to work with 2012) and install a Server 2012 essentials server to become a new DC and provide all network services other then that one legacy app.  They have fewer then 25 users.  Do we need to buy new 2012 cals?  I can’t get anyone from Microsoft that has a clue to answer that question.

We (banging this into a braintrust list) think the answer is no. 

The Essentials is Cal-Less, you already have Server 2003 cals, as long as you don’t install any other role on the server 2012 other than hyperV we think you are good to go.

One Thought on “Do you need to buy server cals?

  1. Mark Hamilton on November 7, 2012 at 9:35 pm said:

    Thanks for looking into this. Also for ignoring that my sleep deprived brain swapped than with then.

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