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All threads in the partner forum "locked"? If you are trying to get into any partner forums right now, all of the threads are “locked” Their forums have been having a bit of issues the last few weeks. has been alerted.  Bottom line, it’s not just you.

Office 365 on Open Volume….

Announcing Office 365 through Open and the New Office availability! Info and resources for you. – Microsoft Sales Excellence Program Manager – Eric Ligman – Site Home – MSDN Blogs: In addition to the announcement above, we also shared that Office 365 will be available for business to purchase starting on February 27th and […]

Windows Intune for IT Professionals Jump Start

From 9 to 5 pacific tomorrow and yes it will be recorded  Register thereMicrosoft Certified Community Connection: The Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) team is excited to announce a new course in the popular “Jump Start” series of live online training events! This one-day event will feature Technical Evangelist David Tesar and IT Security […]

You experience issues when you add Kerio or iCloud email accounts

So Kerio must be getting enough marketshare to get it’s own KB: You experience issues when you add Kerio or iCloud email accounts:

Office 365 biz upgrade still MIA

Microsoft Office 2013, Office 365 Home Premium available now; 365 for business coming later (updated): be clear, while every version of the boxed software is now out, 365 is only being offered to consumers; the business version will arrive later, on February 27th.

Are we Luddites?

Watching Lucy Worsley’s Elegance and Decadence episode where they are talking about the textile workers that violently protested against the technology. – Luddite is often used as a term describing people who don’t want to change.  At all. I personally think we, those of us used to on premise deployments – aren’t Luddites as […]

Reinstalling WSUS on SBS 2008 (and 2011 too)

Post courtesy of David Moen of on the list.  Thanks David for letting me share this! Here’s the process for removing/reinstalling it correctly in SBS2008.  Sorry about the formatting of the instructions, cut and past into notepad or word or something and it will be more legible. First Attempt to Uninstall WSUS 3.0 […]

Be aware of this needed hotfix for HyperV

Poor performance when you enable RemoteFX in Hyper-V on a Windows Server 2012-based computer that uses AMD processors:;en-us;2770440

MultiPoint 2012 – what’s new

What’s New in MultiPoint Server 2012 Dashboard – Windows MultiPoint Server Team Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs: you slide away all of that marketing stuff about schools and teachers, you’ll find that MultiPoint is a very easy way to deploy Terminal Services.  MultiPoint 2012 is on Technet as well as on Action […]

Hey let’s all migrate to Exchange 2013, right?

So why aren’t we all migrating to Exchange 2013 already? Migration Challenges Related to Exchange 2013 and Windows 2012 | IT Pro Experts: on the why and why not there.