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Dear Microsoft.  If you want us to use all this newfangled technology, it would help if you put all the steps together in one place.  There’s no place I can find RemoteFX for 2012 in it’s entirety explained.

I had got a video card.  I had installed the remote desktop role in order to fully support the RemoteFX stuff (2008 r2 is documented, 2012 is not).  I had set up the Windows 7 (Multipoint can’t support RemoteFX).  But I kept hitting the wall where when I’d go to remote into the box it would fail and I couldn’t figure out why.

And when you get to this part — where there’s a special firewall rule that has to be enabled – it took me finding a Home server forum where the poor guy disabled the firewall to hit the eureka moment of remembering that there’s a very specific remotefx rdp in rule in the firewalls.

Enable that…. and there we go, I can now have a Virtual Win8 or Win7 with RemoteFX enabled.

One Thought on “Remote FX ….finally!

  1. Ahh, I remember that fun. I believe I am the “poor guy” whom you reference above. Much like your comment, when I found the specific RemoteFX firewall setting I had a “V8” head slapping moment and realized I should have picked up on it earlier. FWIW, I never did get the USB passthrough to work properly, which was my initial reason for employing RemoteFX at home. It did provide surprisingly robust usage for some of my kids who were on under-powered netbooks however. They were able to leverage the server’s power through RDP as a pseudo-thin client. Yet another way to spend a bit more on one server’s hardware and get the most out of it (along with VM’s, of course.)

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