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From the mailbag today…

“I am planning to migrate from SBS2008 to 2012 Essentials and running Exchange 2013 on a separate 2012 Server, all VM’s. I just ordered the new server hardware for these two VM’s.

I have found a Microsoft document that walks you through SBS2008 to 2012 Essentials. However, I have found nothing on how to migrate the Exchange part of this.

Searching for Exchange 2007 to 2013 Migration has told me that there is no way to do this yet. 2007 needs some rollup that is not available yet to do the migration.

So what am I to do? If I start the migration, then the SBS2008 will have to shut down and then I am without Exchange.

Is my only option to wait to migrate until the rollup is released? That would really throw off my plans!”

You have to wait.  We are still waiting for Exchange 2013 CU1 before anyone can migrate from any other platform to Exchange 2013.  The last update rollup for Exchange 2007 has what you need for 2007, you are waiting for 2013.

But I think you need to understand that there are some serious concerns about Exchange 2013:

Read http://theessentialexchange.com/blogs/michael/archive/2013/01/06/exchange-server-2013-gotchas.aspx  and http://blog.mpecsinc.ca/2013/02/exchange-2013-full-stop.html

Exchange 2013 has some needed fixings before it’s business ready.

3 Thoughts on “Waiting on migration

  1. Craig Mashburn on February 24, 2013 at 5:23 pm said:

    What do you think of migrating to 2010 with downgrade rights? This would allow us to go ahead and migrate to 2012 Essentials.

    How do you do this? Migrate Exchange then SBS2008 to 2012 Essentials?

  2. We’re going through this as well.
    Our thoughts are, Exchange 2013 has some serious issues, until those are addressed, we’re not willing to migrate our clients over, hopefully these are addressed once the CU1 is pushed.
    We will readdress at the end of Q2.

  3. I would certainly go ahead with the 2012 essentials+Exchange 2010 solution for now since this will get you off SBS 2008 and act as a stepping stone for the Exchange 2013 release.

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