Okay, Harry, you got me…

Getting sucked in by the baiting of the comments…

Harry just posted up the all time “comment baiting” story.. 


And in particular this paragraph…

“Finally, the biggest challenge the SBSer is going to face with the new Office 365 wave isn’t technical or other practical limitations such as “uptime.” Nope. It’s the crappy attitudes toward cloud computing coming from the curmudgeons and luddites in our community. I’m so sorry to have to put it that way, buts it just seems to be true.”

Here’s what I wrote back to him yesterday when he asked for a comment…

It’s not a crappy attitude to sit back as a business decision maker and be a bit more cautious. Time and time again being first doesn’t pay.  Every patch Tuesday reinforces that.

As a consultant you have to respect the paranoia of your client base.  Not to mention a healthy understanding of how much we rely on passwords for all of this cloud computing and how much we as SMB absolutely SUCK at picking out passwords.

What’s the first thing we want to do when deploying 365? The very first thing? Adjusting the password complexity and expiration is what we want to do.

Cloud forensics is in it’s infancy. Two factor authentication built into 365 is in it’s infancy (AuthAnvil which provides a two factor solutions should be shipped with every Office 365 deployment)

SBS 2000 was only liked by some. It was hated by many. It took until SBS 2003 before SBS settled down to where the masses believed in it.

It’s just not a one size fits all. Just like SBS never should have been either.

But you can’t just color all consultants who are cautious as being Luddites. The ones that are are old and will be retiring soon and will be out of the business. The biggest problem with cloud computing in general is the view from Microsoft and many other vendors that any small business under 25 to 50 shouldn’t even dream of having a server and should all hang out in a cloud.

Right now cloud computing isn’t easy enough to be totally DIY and not even clear enough for the average partner. That’s the biggest problem I see right now. DNS settings/ Office 365 deployment/integration with 2012/Azure is not ready for SMBs to just DIY deploy servers. It’s still really complicated and Microsoft’s lack of clearly defined cloud deployment documentation is making it hard to jump on this bandwagon.   Their Office 365 wikis/forums do not google up well -at-all-.

They could be helping out a lot lot more than they are. The partner info on Office 365 selling info is inadequate, the technical information can’t be easily found, if at all. The recent rollout of the new version has partners scrambling for information on how to buy, where to look up part numbers the whole shebang.

They could be breaking down the walls of the Luddites, and instead they are just reinforcing it with their lack of information.

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