It’s always interesting to see the intersection of technology and small business.

Take this box of fresh organic veggies for example.

Picked up at a local farmers market there’s a lot more technology behind it than meets the eye.  First off unlike other vendors at the farmers’ market this vendor indicated they took credit cards via Square (iphone use of technology).  In addition, I got this box as part of a CSA subscription.  CSA is community supported agriculture  Go to a web site, find a farmer in your area and you sign up for a monthly subscription of his or her products.  In this case, a month (or a year)’s worth of fresh vegetables from an organic farm near my city.

Pretty nifty, huh!  And pretty cool examples of how technology has impacted their business as well.

Look how much technology they’ve got at his disposal.  A nationwide listing.  A web site.  A means to do commerce in a phone.

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