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Windows Server Update Services for Windows Server 2012 Essentials now available!

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Just a note that you have to add the role from the server manager, you do not download WSUS and install it.

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  • #   Joe Raby on 04.06.13 at 1:16 pm     

    Well this makes the decision a little more difficult. I have 2 server VM’s running on a Hyper-V host: Essentials and Standard. Standard runs WDS. Both have Dynamic Memory turned on, and both have twice the minimum amount of RAM for Startup Memory (1GB for Standard, and 4GB for Essentials – neither one allocates much more than that in Dynamic Memory either). Standard doesn’t have IIS installed though, but Essentials already does. The requirements for WSUS are 2GB though, so I’d probably allocate 4GB to it if I put it on Standard. Essentials is already set up that way though (aside from this hotfix).

    So should I go with isolating WSUS on the WDS VM, or put it on the Essentials VM which already has the configuration that best matches WSUS? Manage two VM’s with average complication, or keep one simple and make the other more complicated but piling on additional workloads? Decisions, decisions….